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Welcome to SVZVhome

Everyone has the right to live in a safe environment, anywhere in the world they choose.

The SVZV support group for women without a residence permit (SVZV- Steungroep voor Vrouwen zonder Verblijfsvergunning) has been working according to this motto since 1995 to improve the circumstances of women who, for whatever reason, move to the Netherlands without a valid residence permit.

These are often women who are victims of human trafficking, women who have come here for social and financial reasons, women who have sought asylum in the past, as well as women who are fleeing from domestic violence – who then lose their dependent residence permit.

These women, and sometimes their families, find themselves at a disadvantage and, as a result of the government’s repressive immigration policy, are excluded from practically all services available in the Netherlands. The SVZV support group’s activities primarily focus on helping these women to become more self-reliant.

This website provides information about what the SVZV support group can do for these women, and how you can help.