How Can You Help

Wat-kan-jij-doenAll activities of the SVZV support group are made possible by volunteers and financial support from donors, supporters and funds. If you would like to help ensure that we can continue to provide our services, we could really use your help!

Become a volunteer

All SVZV support group activities are made possible by volunteers. Without them, we could not hold office hours, organize any informative and relaxing activities, or solicit funding.

Would you also like to support the SVZV support group?
Perhaps you would like to become a volunteer. We are regularly looking for women who would like to come and join us.

What do we expect of volunteers?
– Responsibility and the ability to work independently and as part of a team
– An interest in migrants, refugees and problems that face women
– Computer skills (ability to type letters, e-mails and navigate the internet)
– Ability to understand and read Dutch, preferably also ability to write and speak Dutch
– A foreign language may come in handy, but is definitely not a requirement

Become a donor

Donors ensure essential and continuous support of the work carried out by the SVZV support group. Perhaps you would like to support our worthy cause by becoming a donor.

The support of steady donors is desperately needed in order to be able to stand by women in emergency situations, organise activities with and for women and cover the modest expenses of the SVZV support group.
The method that benefits us the most is automatic / standing order because it forms a fixed source of income and involves the least administration costs for SVZV. It doesn’t matter how much you donate, every little bit helps!

There are two ways to register as a donor:

1.You can set an automatic / standing order through your own bank account. This is possible without our intervention. These are the details of our bank account:
Stichting Zijwaarts/SVZV
IBAN: NL31 TRIO 0197906834
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

You can always transfer or cancel this automatic transfer through your own bank account

2.  Download this registration form (in Dutch, pdf, 50 KB) with direct debit authorisation: print it out, fill it in and send it to SVZV. You are always free to withdraw authorisation at any time and to have a debit returned to you within 30 days.

or if you prefer not to authorise direct debit or set an automatic / standing order, you can donate online via: SVZV online doneren
automatic / standing order is the easiest and cheapest way for SVZV to receive donations. Therefore, we hope that you will take advantage of this method.

Make a donation

One-time and periodic donations
… from small to large, all donations are welcome and are desperately needed.
They can be deposited to:

Stichting Zijwaarts/SVZV
IBAN: NL31 TRIO 0197906834
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Would you like to donate online? It’s fast, secure and easy.
Click here:  SVZV online doneren

Would you like to support SVZV with a regularly scheduled donation?
Read how that is possible in the section “Become a donor” on this page.

Tell your friends about SVZV

You will help us a lot by telling others about the work provided by the SVZV support group.
Would you like to actively distribute information about the SVZV support group? Please contact us. You can call us or send us an e-mail. We can then come up with the best approach together. The SVZV support group has material available for this purpose, such as folders and our newsletter Zijwaarts.

The more supporters who find our website, the better. Therefore, please put a link on your site to