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Welcome to SVZVhome

Everyone has the right to settle anywhere in the world, at their own discretion and in safety.

From this motto, the Support Group for Women Without Residence (SVZV) has been working since 1995 to improve the position of women who, for whatever reason, live without a valid residence document in the Netherlands.

Disse omfatter victims of trafficking in women, women who have come here for socioeconomic reasons, women who have previously submitted asylum applications and women who flee domestic violence – and then lose their dependent residence permit.

Disse kvinder, og nogle gange deres familier, er i en bad stat og er udelukket fra stort set alle faciliteter i Holland som et resultat af den repressive indvandringspolitik af regeringen. The Steungroep’s activities aim to increase the self-reliance of these women.

On this website you will find information about what the Steungroep can do, and how you can help us.